Pediatric Fulminant Hepatic Failure: Systematic Review (2023)


  • Ahmed Abdelsamie FadlPediatric senior registrar at Doctor Samir Abbas Hospital, Department of pediatrics, Alazhar University hospitals, Cairo.SCFHS number: 12JM0036858
  • Almuthaybiri Musaad Masoud AGP, Riyadh Al Khabra hospital, Qassim, Saudi Arabia.
  • Kabrah Lama Kamal STaif university, Taif ,Saudi Arabia.
  • Assiri Amjad Abdullah HIntern, Ibn Sina National College, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Alahmadi Khalid Mohammed MIntern, Ibn Sina National College, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Yousra Bala Babkir Abd AllaPediatric resident, Najran armed force hospital, Pediatric and NICU department.
  • Yassir Mohammed DarwishPediatric Department, Hera General Hospital, Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Mohammed Ali AlaamreePediatric resident, MOH, Sabt alayia hospital
  • Ahmed Faroug Ahmed AbdelaalNajran Armed Forces Hospital, Pediatric and NICU department.
  • Norah Sulaiman AljabarahGP, Maternity and Children Hospital, Hail, Saudi Arabia.
  • Amaal Abdulrahman AlwayliArabian gulf university, Bahrain
  • Badriah Helal AlazmiKing faisal hospital, Alqurayat, Saudi Arabia



Hepatic Failure, Fulminant Hepatic Failure, Hepatic Encephalopathy, Liver Failure


Abstract: Fulminant hepatic failure FHF in children is a rare but often fatal condition. Our understanding of this disorder is limited due to the disorder's rarity. The majority of FHF cases in children have no known cause. The mechanisms by which hepatocytes undergo cell death are unknown. The aetiology and degree of CNS involvement influence the outcome. The study aims to summarize current evidence on the prevalence, risk factors and management approaches of irritable bowel syndrome in Saudi Arabia. For article selection, the PubMed database and EBSCO Information Services were used. All relevant articles relevant to our topic and other articles were used in our review. Other articles that were not related to this field were excluded. The data was extracted in a specific format that the group members reviewed. Seven studies were included and affirmed that mortality of fulminant hepatic failure is high, and the commonest aetiology is viral infections, particularly HAV. The peak level of total serum bilirubin, the rate of change of the prothrombin time/daily and ammonia level were significant predictors of mortality.


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